I’m Sven

As a Software Engineering Manager it is my daily business to challenge the status quo and to constantly work on creating something extraordinary. This motivation does not end in the digital world, but reaches far beyond that. I also challenge my everyday life, try to make the most out of it and to grow every day.

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About me

About Me

Having 16+ years of experience in Software Development in Product-Delivery and Company Building, I consider my greatest strength to align stakeholder and business requirements with the software engineering teams and enable them to build great products.

That drives me:
· Developing outstanding software products
· Bringing great people and teams together
· Taking every chance I get to travel
· Capturing the world with camera and mind
· Creating extraordinary moments
· Curvy roads & fast cars

My Skills

Team, IT & Product Management
Software Development
Agile Methods
Graphics, Photo, Video

Work Experience

16+ years experience in the area of Software Development, Architecture and Product Delivery.

Porsche Digital

I am working as People Lead - Software Engineering at Porsche Digital, Ludwigsburg.

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Sven Lutz on LinkedIn.

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Web- and Application development in Sindelfingen, Böblingen, Stuttgart area.

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Swift; Objective-C; iOS; Android; React; React-Native; PHP; MySQL; JavaScript; AJAX; jQuery; HTML; CSS; Databases; GIT; App Distribution; Cloud Infrastructure; Google Cloud Services; Amazon Web Services; CI/CD-Chains; Contentful; WordPress; Drupal; Typo3; MS Appcenter; CircleCI, Bitrise;

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Capturing the world with camera and mind

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